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How to Add, Edit, Delete Outlook Email Alias?

Like Gmail, Hotmail is one of the popular webmail today. Hotmail support for individuals or businesses to send email. Both Hotmail and Outlook are Microsoft email services and Hotmail was born earlier, so the number of people using this Hotmail service is always stable and constantly increasing. And Hotmail also provides users with the basic features of an email based on the web, helping users more convenient to use.

First of all, Outlook.com supports the ability to create multiple Alias, similar to how Yahoo Messenger in the old days can create multiple virtual nick in one real account. And these Alias still use the same Outlook account, Inbox, Contact list and other settings. In the following article, hotmailloginmsn.com will introduce you how to create, add, delete, edit and use Alias in Mail Outlook.

With this method, you can log in to your account with different Alias emails, use the same password to manage, send emails … very handy. And this feature of Mail Outlook is also useful for those who want to change email addresses and still keep the mail.

1. Create new or add Outlook Email Alias

Step 1. You need to sign in to your Hotmail first. At the interface, select the gear icon (settings) => Select View all Outlook settings.

Step 2. In the Settings window, select Mail > Email sync > Manage or choose a primary alias.

Step 3. In the next step, you will be taken to the Microsoft Account interface and may need to verify your security identity, then navigate to the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page.

Here, you will see all the existing aliases of your account attached.

Step 4. Under Account aliases, click on Add email to add a new nickname for the account.

Click Add email to add a new nickname for the account

Step 5. Enter the password to authenticate, the system will redirect the page to create Alias as shown below. You enter the desired name Alias in the box before the @ character to check.

You can add an entirely new email or an existing address to make alias for your Outlook account.

Enter the desired Alias name in the box before the @ character

After clicking Add alias, the email address will be added to your account immediately. You can use this newly created Alias address as the default mailbox by clicking the Make primary button next to that email address.

2. How to use Outlook Alias Email

After creating the alias email successfully, you can always use it to send email. First, click New mail to compose an email.

In the From option, click and select the email you need from the drop-down menu, then compose and send normally. Email will be sent with the name of the email you use.

Select the email alias you want to use to send mail

3. Uninstall or delete Outlook Email Alias

If you do not want to continue using Alias, please remove it. Click this link, click Remove to proceed:

Delete Outlook Email Alias

Very simple and easy. Good luck!

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