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Create Automatic Replies in Hotmail

Creating automatic replies in Hotmail is a very important and practical feature for those who do not have time to check mail and respond immediately to important emails. Setting up an autoresponder email also shows your professionalism in it.

Just like creating an auto-reply message in Gmail, for Hotmail users who don’t have time to check their inbox, create an auto-reply message in Hotmail to send it back to the person who just emailed you. Let them know you’re busy and don’t have time to read and reply to them.

Hotmail is a famous service for sending and receiving email, if you have registered Hotmail, own Hotmail account, please refer to how to create automatic replies in Hotmail below for more experience when using the this service.

Create Automatic Replies in Hotmail

Step 1. Sign in Hotmail

First, you need to sign in to your Hotmail first (if you haven’t already, refer how to create a Hotmail account). At the interface, select the gear icon (settings) => Select View all Outlook settings.

Step 2. You choose Mail => Select Automatic replies.

Step 3. Turn on the autoresponder function of Hotmail by turning on the Turn on automatic replies button.

Step 4. Here you have quite a few options:

+ (1) – (2) First, you can set the time + date and time for the automatic reply in Hotmail.

In this section there are 3 options, choose if you feel necessary.

  • Block my calendar for this period
  • Automatically decline new invitations for events that occur during this period
  • Decline and cancel my meetings during this period

+ (3) The content of the automatic reply.
+ (8) Send automatic mail to all emails to Hotmail inbox.

+ (4) Send replies only to contact: You can choose to automatically send mail to your friends in the contacts that you have saved in your Hotmail account.



After setup is complete, select Save to save the automatic reply in Hotmail again. So, the process of setting up automatic replies in Hotmail has been successful.

Above, hotmailloginmsn.com has instructed you to create an auto-reply message in Hotmail, for those who do not have time to check mail regularly, this is a professional way to express emails received from friends or partners.

In addition, you should also Forward mail in Hotmail to be able to receive incoming email without having to access your main Hotmail account or can create groups in Hotmail so you can send mail to many people at the same time in a group.

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  1. irene friend says:

    i play a game on this pc alone with 2 other ppl.. and mt email account is irenefriend@hot mail,, the game is asterix&friends for some reason you will not allow me to sign into my hot mail account

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