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How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

Creating a Gmail group helps users send mail quickly to people in the same workgroup, study, people with the same content to exchange. Gmail is currently the most popular email service worldwide, supporting many features such as transferring contacts from Android phones to other phones, …

Therefore, there are many people who use Gmail as their primary email and to exchange daily tasks. And the need to work in group discussions is frequent. If searching each Gmail address to send is quite time-consuming, creating a Gmail group is the best method. The following article will show you how to create a group on Gmail.

Instructions for Creating Contact Groups on Gmail

Step 1. First log into your Gmail account, then click on the Google Apps () icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Contacts. Or you can quickly access the address below.

Step 2. Switch to the contacts interface for Gmail. In case you want to add a new contact then click + Create contact. Refer to details in the article How to Add a New Email Address to Your Gmail Contacts.

Here, select the Gmail account you want to create a group for.

Step 3. Continue to click on the Manage labels icon as shown below.

Step 4. The labels you created earlier appear. To create a new label click on the Create label at the bottom.

Enter a new name for the label to make it easier to find the Gmail group and click OK to save. So the new label has been saved to your personal Gmail. We can create many different labels, the number of members in each label is unlimited.

Step 5. If you want to send email to the group right in this Contacts interface, select the account in the group and then select the mail icon as shown below to send email.

In the case of sending email from the Gmail interface, you access your Gmail account and click the Compose button to proceed sending emails as usual.

Here is the mailing interface. At the recipient’s email address field, enter the name of your newly created Gmail label. Immediately you will see the label name appear in the list, along with the name of each member of the group. Click on the label to send email.

You will see the Gmail addresses of members of the Gmail group. Now you just need to send the email as usual is done.

Step 6. To customize the label such as rename, delete labels, you need to access to Contacts and then to Labels, then at the label to be edited, click the pen icon to edit. Click the trash icon to delete the created label.

Step 7. To edit a group member’s name, hover over the member’s name, then click the pen icon to Edit contacts, click the star to star a contact, or click the 3-dot to add editing tasks other.

Creating a Gmail group will go through creating a label on your Gmail Contacts. This label will automatically be added to Gmail for you to search when emailing the Gmail team. When sending emails, members of the Gmail group will receive mail, saving users time and work.

I wish you successful implementation!

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