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How to Hide Photos, Videos, Personal Data on iPhone/iPad?

Each person has their own personal data, such as photos, videos, … and does not want them to be exposed. However, when you lend your device to someone else, your personal photos may be seen by others. If you want to hide your personal data on iOS devices, you can use the Vault app.

This tool is set up a password, so you can hide your private data within the secret. And if anyone wants to open the application, they must enter the correct password. In the article below, hotmailloginmsn.com will show you how to hide important data with Vault app on iPhone/iPad.

Step 1. First of all, download the Vault app for iOS devices by following the link below:


Step 2. You start the application on the device. The application will ask you to allow notifications and location updates, if you do not want then click Don’t Allow. Click Start to start using the Vault application.

Step 3. Next, the application will ask you to set a password to access the Vault application. After entering the password twice, click the Tick below to save. The application will ask the user for permission to use the Camera, click OK.

Step 4. Soon, you will see the interface with features for the premium version, press the arrow on the left of the interface to return to the main interface of Vault. Here, you will click on the item Photos to hide photos on the device.

Step 5. At My Photos interface, click the + sign to access the image from the gallery on your phone. Or camera icon to hide newly taken photos. Soon, you will see the entire album available on iPhone/iPad.

Step 6. You open the album that contains the images you want to hide. Here, you select the photos you want to hide, or press Select all to select all photos in the album you want to hide. Click Import to import the image into the Vault application.

After that, Vault will ask if you want to delete the selected images to hide in the album. If you do not want the image to appear in the album and let others see it, press Delete.

Step 7. Go back to the Photos interface in the Vault app, you will see the image has been hidden in My Photos. If you want to add another photo album, click the plus icon (+), then name the new album.

In addition, when you access the photo album on the application, press the Edit button and you will have 3 more options for the image, including Export or Delete.

How to hide the video you do the same thing you do to hide images.

Above is how to hide photos, videos, personal data on iPhone/iPad devices. When you set security for those data, a password will be set and and you need to enter the correct password to open the Vault app, as well as view all the data hidden inside it.

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