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How to Change The Time Zone in Hotmail / Outlook

In this article, hotmailblog.com will show you how to change the default time zone on Outlook, sync, change the time for all meeting schedules and email if you change the time zone. Along track posts offline!

Change the time zone in Microsoft Outlook

To change timezone in Outlook, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Outlook, click File and select Options in the menu on the left.

Click File on the Outlook window

… and select the Options menu

Step 2. Next, in the Outlook Options window, click Calendar and scroll down to the Timezone section.

Go to the Timezone section of Calendar on the Outlook Options window

Step 3. Next, click the Menu next to the Time zone section and select the time zone that suits your needs.

This will be the default time zone displayed in all your activities on Outlook, such as calendars, appointments, incoming and outgoing emails, etc.

Choose the right time zone for users

Step 4. Click OK to save the settings and move Outlook to the new time zone.

Note: The time on the Windows computer you are using will also automatically adjust when changing the time zone on Outlook.

Change Outlook timezone on Website

Step 1. First, log into your account at outlook.live.com and select Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner).

Open Outlook settings on the web after signing in

Step 2. Next, select View all Outlook settings

Step 3. In the Settings window, select General on the menu to open the time and language settings on your Outlook account.

Change the time on Outlook in Settings> General> Language and Time

Step 4. Next, you look down the current time zone section and select the time zone that suits your requirements from the drop down menu.

Select the time zone that fits your needs from the dropdown menu

Step 5. Click Save to save the new time zone setting and update it to your account.

Save the time zone setting in Outlook just changed

Just simple as that. Now you can be assured of flexible time zone changes if you have to travel without affecting, confusing anything on your schedule or sending or receiving email. Give it a try. Good luck!

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