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How to Setup and pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone

If you’re a fan of the Apple brand and already have an Apple Watch and iPhone and you are trying to connect these two devices to work together but but you’re a newbie so you don’t know how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, so please follow the article below of hotmailloginmsn.com.

Apple Watch is currently the most prominent smartwatch device today, if you own this watch with an iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus that has been running iOS 8.2 or higher then the connecting the Apple Watch to an iPhone is easy with the steps below.

You should also note that before connecting the Apple Watch to the iPhone, the Apple Watch needs to ensure that the battery is fully charged so that the process of pairing with the iPhone takes place smoothly without any errors.

Instructions for connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

Method 1: Use iPhone Camera

Step 1: Turn on the Apple Watch.

Step 2: Choose a language (English) to continue.

Step 3: Tap on Start Pairing.

Step 4: Wait for a blue screen to appear on the Apple Watch as shown below.

Step 5: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone then select “Start Pairing“, you will need to open both Bluetooth and Wifi or mobile data to use.

Step 6: Using your iPhone’s Camera, hold the phone above the Apple Watch and make sure the yellow box on the screen matches up with the Apple Watch and it will automatically pair.

Step 7: Follow the instructions on the Apple Watch app screen to complete the pairing.

Method 2: Do not use iPhone Camera

Step 1: Open up the Apple Watch app on the iPhone

Step 2: Choose My Watch > Start Pairing > Pair Apple Watch Manually.

Step 3: On the Apple Watch, click the white “i” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to see your Apple Watch name. Then on the Apple Watch app press the “Pair Apple Watch Manually” button and type in the numbers that appear on the screen.


After performing those steps, your Apple Watch is now paired to your iPhone.

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