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How to Export iPhone Contacts, Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Backing up important data from contacts, messages … on your smartphones will help you be able to store those data when your device goes down. Similarly, when you import all contacts from iPhone to Gmail will create another backup for the contacts. So, if your device has a problem, forgot iCloud password, or you want to transfer your contacts from iPhone to another device, you can also use a backup of your contacts on Gmail. In this article, Tuts-Plus will show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail.

How to Export iPhone Contacts to Computer

Step 1. At the interface on the device, click Settings, click the Apple ID account name at the top and select iCloud.

Step 2. Next, in iCloud list, scroll down and turn on Contacts.

Step 3. Next, you access the homepage of iCloud on your computer by following the link below. Then log in to your iCloud account.

Log in to your iCloud account

Then you need to enter the 2-step verification code to continue.

Enter the 2-step verification code to continue signing in to iCloud

Step 4. Go to the new interface, select Contacts.

Select Contacts in the new interface that appears on the iCloud website

Step 5. Immediately, you will see the interface of all contacts on the device. You click on the contacts you want to switch to Gmail, or click the gear icon and select Select all contacts and then choose Export vCard.

The backuped contact file named “vCard iCloud.vcf” will be downloaded to your computer.

Export VCard to import contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Now you have an iPhone contacts file saved on your computer. You can use this file to transfer your contacts to another iPhone, or import them into your Gmail account if you want.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

To transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail, copy contacts from iPhone to Gmail, you export the file as the steps above hotmailloginmsn.com have instructed, then follow these steps:

Step 6. You log in your personal Gmail account on the computer.

Step 7. Open Gmail contacts by clicking Contacts in Google Apps list in the upper right of the screen.

Open Contacts in the Google Apps list

Step 8. At the new interface that appears, in the left column, click Import.

Select Import

Step 9. A new interface appears, click “Choose file” to import VCard Contacts file saved on the computer.

Import VCard Contacts file in computer

Finally, press Import to import iPhone contacts to Gmail.

Import contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Immediately, we will see all the contacts, contacts on the iPhone are imported to Gmail.

Contacts exported from iPhone have been imported into Gmail

That’s it, you have finished creating an extra backup for your iPhone contacts as well as moving this contact to your Gmail account quickly. Hope the article is useful to you!


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