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How to Create Zip File or UnZip Files on iPhone / iPad

From iOS / iPadOS version 13 or later, the operating system has been provided with a lot of new features to change to help users more convenient to use, as well as to bring more interesting experiences. And the file compression and decompression feature on iOS / iPadOS 13 has helped us a lot in reducing the size of the file, especially sending files right on iPhone / iPad. Previous versions of iOS need to use a third-party application to compress files or decompress them, but with iOS 13, you immediately use the available features. The following article will guide you how to Create Zip File or UnZip Files on iOS / iPadOS 13.

How to Create Zip Files on iPhone/iPad?

You open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad, then press and hold on the file you want to compress. If you want to compress multiple files at once, you should group them into one folder. Then display the interface as below, click Compress. As a result, you get a compressed file.

To share or send this file to a friend, press and hold on the compressed file and select Share. By default, compressed files on iOS 13 are in .zip format.

How to Preview a Zip File on iPhone/iPad

If you want to preview the contents of a zip file before extracting it, follow these steps.

Tap and hold on the zip file you want to see, then tap Quick Look.

When Quick Look is selected, you can see the file size and the number of files contained in the zip file.

Tap “Preview Content” to see all the files on the full screen.

The Quick Look feature for compressed files only works with iOS 13, older versions do not have this feature, and it works similar to Quick Look on macOS and you can view all file content without extract them to file folder.


How to Extract Zip Files on iPhone/iPad

For iPhone and iPad phones running iOS 13 or later, you can open and extract Zip files right on your device without any third-party apps. If your phone has not updated to iOS 13 yet, update to the latest version. Follow the below steps to Extract Zip Files on iPhone.

Open the Files app on your iPhone.

Find the Zip or RAR file you want to extract or open.

Click File to have your iPhone automatically extract the folders and files in the same folder. If that doesn’t work, tap and hold on the zip file and select Uncompress.

In addition, if your iPhone / iPad device uses a version lower than iOS 13, you can use 3rd party applications such as iZip, WinZip, Zip Viewer, …

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